Our NHK Riders choose to wear NHK helmets because their safety is crucial. Here are the NHK Riders who compete in International Racing Championship around the world.


Find out more about NHK Helmet Riders who compete in the International Racing Championships and the latest news & event about NHK Helmet worldwide.


NHK Helmet was born from a simple mind to race on the street. In Indonesia, back in the 1990s to the early 2000s are full of street races organized by the Racing Committee from (IMI- Ikatan Motor Indonesia) affiliated with FIM (Federation International Motorcycle). Nonetheless, the racing project was initiated originally, with racing DNA as the baseline of our development and as a solid character to create something different from the market. Our love for this riding and motorcycle world has been our core value to make quality products that are reliable and comfortable. It provides the best competitive price to people who share the same passions and values that we loved most two wheels.

For more than twenty years, we have been on a mission to challenge ourselves to create a better product to offer to our customers around the world. We have tried to improve ourselves in innovation, design, safety, comfort, and new technology research for more than a decade. This breakthrough brings us to the World Championship in 2018 with our riders present in MOTOGP, MOTO2, MOTO3, MOTOE, and FIM CEV and wins races and podiums. The journeys ahead are still far and beyond, but we are sure we can achieve goals that some people may only dream of with heart, love, passion, and hard work.


NHK helmet has been designed and created to be a modern, high-performing product and able to satisfy the most demanding request for safety and comfort helmet. Please check our NHK helmet collection.

NHK Riders

Meet our NHK Riders around the world who compete in International Racing Championships.


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