About Us


NHK Helmet was born from a very simple mind to race on street, as in Indonesia back in the era of the 1990s continuing to early 2000s full of street races organized by Racing committee from (IMI- Ikatan Motor Indonesia) affiliated with FIM (Federation International Motorcycle). Nonetheless, the racing project was initiated from the very beginning, with racing DNA as the baseline of our development and as a strong character to create something that is different from the market.

With our love for this riding and motorcycle world, it has been our core value to create a quality product, reliable, comfortable, and providing the best competitive price to people who share the same passions and value that we loved most two wheels.

Since the early 2000s, we have been on a mission to challenge our self to create a better product to offer to our customers around the world. For more than a decade we try to improve ourselves in innovation, design, safety, and comfort, and research in new technology. This brings us to the World Championship in 2018 with our riders present in MOTOGP, MOTO2, MOTO3, MOTOE, and FIM CEV and wins races and podiums. The journeys ahead are still far and beyond, but with heart, love, passions, and hardworking we are sure we can achieve goals that some people may only dream off.



Research and development are some of the most important parts of making new NHK helmets. Our R&D teams are always thinking of new breakthroughs so that NHK Helmets are able to compete with other helmets in the world.



We never stop making new innovations and keep improving the latest technology into our products. Innovation is just a modern way of evolution. This Innovation is not only made to be cool, but they are very important to the rider’s experience for aerodynamics, wind flow, noise, and venting. We always find feedback from our customers as one of the most important things. Every day you are experiencing situations that can affect the use of your helmet. Also, the feedback from riders all over the world into our engineering process gives us a unique insight into actual circumstances in every kind of road situation, weather type, and topographical area. Every new model is carefully inspected, tested, and shaped to ensure a perfectly balanced and one of a kind design, before entering the market.



In our design department, we take care all the graphic designs carefully by our NHK artist. Designs are not only made to be cool or beautiful, but design are also very important to the rider’s experience as part of style and fashion. 



NHK Helmets designed with the most luxurious comfort padding liners. This NHK inner lining system will bring you a completely new experience in regard to noise reduction, ventilation, and fitment. The innovative soft mesh material forms around the curves of your head, that’s why the material does not only feels soft on your skin but also stays firmly placed. Strategically placed ventilation modules give you enough air in the summer but reduce in the winter for more warmth. Most importantly, the inner lining has a special function to noise reduction, more noise means more refinement of sound and therefore a better noise control.


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