Ivan Ortola wins again in Moto3 Spanish GP 2023

NHK Helmet – After winning in Austin, Texas, Ivan Ortola won a race again in the Moto3 world championship, after hitting David Alonso on the line at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Holeshot to Deniz Oncu, with Dani Holgado in second. Ryusei Yamanaka was third in the group of leaders, also made up of Ivan Ortola, Romano Fenati or Xavier Artigas, for example. Jose Antonio Rueda and Jaume Masia were also among the first.

Going into lap three Holgado was leading the race, with Ortola in second and Oncu in third. As is so often the case in racing in the category, the front group was made up of several riders, all of whom were capable of moving from sixth or seventh to first – and vice versa – and every corner.

Yamanaka had to retire with a gearbox problem when he was second and it looked like it was only a matter of time before he moved to the front of the race. David Salvador suffered a violent highside at turn six at this stage, at a time when the head of the race was undergoing changes again. After eight of 19 laps like this, the top five were: Masia, Holgado, Ortola, Artigas, David Alonso, Rueda, Oncu, Ayumu Sasaki, Tatsuki Suzuki and Kaito Toba.

With eight laps to go the leading group had six riders, with Holgado leading followed by Masia. Ortola, Alonso, Artigas and Rueda were changing positions in the lead of the race.

Kaito Toba crashed with five laps to go, when the leading group now consisted of nine riders. Deniz Oncu, one of the strongest throughout the race, was sanctioned with a Long Lap for exceeding the track limits a second time. The first had been in the early stages of the race and earned him a warning, but the second, already in the last third of the race, ended up costing him what looked like at least a podium or a top five.

Masia was leading at the entrance to the last lap but before the end he had moved into fourth … before managing to return to third place, where he ended up. Ahead of him were David Alonso and the winner, Ivan Ortola.

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